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Heritage of Kurbani

Founded in London in 2021 by Muhammad M Hussan , Kurbani Durjini pioneered the elegant concept of bridal jewellery. Kurbani Durjini has proudly played its part in British history ever since, capturing imaginations throughout the world with mesmerising, elegantly crafted designs that inspire and take the centre stage.

The Maison


the maison of kurbani Durjini

Lasting Devotion of Love

Kurbani Durjini’s lifespan has arisen from unique circumstances, driven by the ingenuity of Durjini, a combination with detail and a innovation of beauty. Since Durjini established our company in London in 2021, his fascination with the emotional power of gemstones gave birth to Durjini. which strides to become a beacon of innovation, creativity, and craftsmanship. An intense passion for diamonds has been the driving force in Hussan’s life since he first constructed his jewellery at a jeweller’s bench in Hatton Garden, London’s jewellery quarter. His story of metamorphosis is very similar to that of a diamond – transformed from raw, rough carbon into a precious, ravishingly refined gem. ‘I have always been fascinated and mesmerised by diamonds,’ he says; ‘I remember looking at them, studying them closely to understand their purity, and the way they had been cut. It was an inherent feeling that has turned in to a lifelong passion. On his journey for his passion for precision and fine eye to detail has translated to jewellery. Durjini founded his first company at the tender age of 21, when he began working alongside a more experienced jeweller. ‘I suggested we set up in business and we formed a partnership, repairing western jewellery.’ Durjini’s entrepreneurial flair, opportunistic nature and courage in taking risks all contribute to his business trajectory. Selling extravigant rings to a jewellers in the north of England in Nottingham, who called me immediately after my return to London to say they had sold the rings and wanted to order another.’